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In the Beginning…

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

SINS OF COMMISSION discovered The California Coastal Act came into being in response to people’s fears that the coast would be over -built and off limits. The notion that a coastal act was necessary sounds reasonable, but upon further investigation, I discovered how the best of intentions can become corrupt when absolute power is added into the equation.

Most people consider a ‘coast’ to be the place where the land meets the ocean. The commission arbitrarily decreed that the coast reaches 5 miles inland. I discovered this wide belt of land that stretches from Mexico to Oregon is another world.

For instance, the legal process in the coastal zone bears no resemblance to how we grew up - believing law is supposed to work in America, that people are innocent until proven guilty, and that their day in court is swift and fair. Under the commission’s rule, you are guilty until proven innocent, your day in court can last for years, and your testimony is completely ignored. Sounds like a kangaroo court.*

Homeowners Milos and Trish Douda tell how commissioners overtly ignored them at hearing.

The Commission Couldn’t Care Less

-Milos and Trisha Douda

SINS OF COMMISSION also found out that people are subject to capricious rules, onerous fines, no representative government, and live in a constant state of fear of retribution and retaliation carried out in the name of the people, at the hands of the state, and all because they bought land along the coast of California.

Cease and Desist Orders were prohibited in the original California Coastal Act but the commission pressured the legislature, and acquired a new incomparable power for a regulatory commission. Perhaps that kind of power is a good thing if it’s used properly in cases of egregious abuse of the coast, but when these same awesome powers are turned toward homeowners, this disproportionaly suggests a covert ulterior motive. One such objective is a systematic bankrupting of individual homeowners so that their land can be picked up on the cheap.

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