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California Coastal Commission - Tyranny by Small Changes

Monday, May 4th, 2009

By changing course in incremental, small steps, over a long period of time, no one saw the Coastal Commission’s changes to the BIG picture along the coast of California.  Everyone’s attention was skillfully diverted to the beach. No one thought to turn around and look the other way at the thievery in Broad Daylight going on in the hills.

Since most actions involved individual homeowners, and the commission has case-by-case discretion how to apply its arsenal of dirty tricks the California Coastal Commission’s inconsistencies on a case-by-case could not be proven…Until SINS OF COMMISSION.

If the California Coastal Commission made a statement it was taken as fact. For instance. A pothole in a road in the coastal zone becomes a wetland or a mud puddle on a farm where cows roll on a hot summers day is also deemed a wetland.

If I peed on the dirt, that too woud be a wetland as defined by the California Coastal Commission. Roman law had a phrase for this same standard, still in use today: Ipse Dixit. Literally, ‘he himself said it’.  In other words, ‘because I said so.”

SINS OF COMMISSION approached many people living in coastal California who’ve had dealings with the commission, to see if they would talk about their experience on camera. Even today - people refuse because they had a case before the commission, or are about to begin one.  Nobody wants to exacerbate their current predicament nor be dragged up and down the coast, meeting after meeting, only to be postponed or dismissed at the whim of the commission.

When People fear government there is Tyranny… When Government fears People there is Liberty.

-Thomas Jefferson

Extortion by any other name…

US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court

In Nollan v. California Coastal Commission U.S. 825 (1987) The United States Supreme Court found the California Coastal Commission guilty of extortion and specifically prohibited the commission from conditioning building permits in exchange for land.

However, the commission found a way to circumvent the court’s ruling.

By inventing a new requirement for permit approval called a “dedication of property,” the commission was able to continue exacting land without fear of legal recourse nor loss of property tax revenue.

SINS OF COMMISSION also found out that previous attempts to restore balance and fairness to the commission by acts of legislature, no matter how slight, were greeted with the loudest howls from those who stand to lose should the lopsided system find balance.

Impunitas semper ad deteriora invitat

-Impunity always leads to greater crimes.

For instance -

In 1988, AB 4122, a bill that would prohibit Coastal Commission members from engaging in political fund-raising activities, was introduced by Tom Hayden. It was defeated.

In yet another glaring example of the coastal commission’s deceptive self-serving practice, Senator Denise Ducheny, a Democrat, Introduced SB 1295


INTRODUCED BY Senator Ducheny

FEBRUARY 19, 2008

An act to amend Section 30625 of the Public Resources Code,
relating to coastal resources.


SB 1295, as introduced, Ducheny. California Coastal Act of 1976:
coastal development permit: appeal.
The California Coastal Act of 1976 provides for the planning and
regulation of development, under a coastal development permit
process, within the coastal zone, as defined. Existing law provides
that, after certification of a local program, any appealable action
on a coastal development permit or claim of exemption for any
development by a local government or port governing body may be
appealed to the California Coastal Commission by an applicant for a
permit, any aggrieved person, or any 2 members of the commission.

This bill would revise that provision to eliminate an appeal by 2
members of the California Coastal Commission.

Why should a commission be able to appeal itself? Doesn’t that makes sense?

That’s why it was defeated.

Unfortunately for all Californians,  underhanded craftiness, malevolent intentions, and criminal trespass is how the California Coastal Commission has been able to hoodwink everyone,  get away with what they do - like fill in a the Temescal Swimming Pool in The Santa Monica Recreation Area and why, I surmise, they didn’t want me to photograph them at a “inspection”.

Coercion in the darkness is Its always easier for the California Coastal Commission.

Just ask the Sterling Family.

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