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Sunday, April 26th, 2009

California Coastal Commission screws over another local community.

The Pacific Palisades Community Council voted 13-1 with nine abstentions last Thursday ‘to support the efforts of the community to resurrect the community swimming pool in Temescal Gateway Park.

What is most impressive to me is the support [Friends of Temescal Pool] has received.

To me, that is the community speaking about what they want.

-Council member Peter Fisher

Despite what the community wants, the California Coastal Commission voted unanimously at its April 8 meeting to allow the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to keep the Temescal Pool permanently filled in with dirt and covered with sod.

They just don’t understand what the Coastal Act is all about.

- Peter Douglas, Executive Director California Coastal Commission

-from the documentary film Sins of Commission

Once again the California Coastal Commission sends a clear ANTI-FAMILY message, shows its disdain for human beings, and clearly demonstrates the commission’s number one goal is to destroy family and community by destroying infrastructure.

As is so typical of the CCC, when the Commission gave permission in January to fill in the pool, ‘neither the local government nor interested parties had any notice.

(Source: Palasadian Post April 16, 2009)

The California Coastal Commission must really have an axe to grind with the good people of Pacific Palisades, especially defenseless children who need to learn how to swim, and the elderly, who use the pool for exercise - because they issued an emergency permit January 9.

Jane Albright, president of FRIENDS OF TEMESCAL POOL, said the California Coastal Commission gave oral permission to fill in the pool on January 7.

(Source: Palasadian Post April 16, 2009)

How does ruining a kid’s summer swimming lesson save the California Coast? When does filling in a pool rate an emergency permit?  I guess the California Coastal Commission wanted it done before kids got out of school.

Especially in light of how the emergency permit was handled, the Coastal Commission should afford the community a full, fair and meaningful opportunity to brief the commission,’ Albrecht wrote.

(Source: Palasadian Post April 16, 2009)

Even though Friends of the Temescal Pool continues to work on a viable business plan for an aquatics program at the pool, one thing looks very certain to this observer: A lot of kids ain’t going swimming in that pool this summer.

Why?  Because the pool is already filled in… and there is little motivation for the California Coastal Commission to un-fill it.

One only needs to look at the key players involved in filling the pool to understand why it will never be unfilled: The California Coastal Commission and  Joe Edmiston head of the land-grabing , Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, who would rather see unsuspecting folks camp overnight in a category 4 firehazard zone.

Given the speed at which the commission moved to fill the pool in, an emergency permit to unfill it seems most unlikely, especially since California courts tend to side with the CCC.

Outraged? Fed up with the California Coastal Commission’s anti-family agenda?

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