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Coastal Commission Expose SINS OF COMMISSION Catches Fire!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Oshen is no better than Michael Moore or Al Gore.

Comment on INSIDE HOLLLYWOOD EXAMINER by Francis Drouillard March 24, 3:03 PM

Cool. Where do I get this film?

  Comment on INSIDE HOLLLYWOOD EXAMINER by FILM GUY March 25, 11:58 PM  
The battle heats up in response to Ginger Liu’s review of SINS OF COMMISSION… and the film isn’t even out yet - Nor is it likely it will be anytime soon since no film festivals in the state of California will screen it - including the LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

The “criminalisation” of general care of one’s own land certainly seems un-American…


People in California must see this film. Sadly, it will take another catastrophic fire before Governor Schwarzenegger, the legislature, and the people take a serious look at the California Coastal Commission.

- Richard Oshen, Filmmaker, SINS OF COMMISSION

I am keenly interested, and intend to forward this to those who also make it their job to inform the public of such eye-opening situations. This is not some minor drab of a documentary, but one of great interest to all parties involved.   

Comment on INSIDE HOLLLYWOOD EXAMINER by BW  March 25, 7:56 AM

See how much fuss 144 words can create at INSIDE HOLLYWOOD EXAMINER

oshen is a wanted criminal; who is running from the law


That accuser is slanderous. Accountability is a door that should swing both ways. The accuser is the one actually crossing the line into the arena of criminal behavior. 

Comment on INSIDE HOLLLYWOOD EXAMINER by pG  March 23, 12:51 PM

By taking on the California Coastal Commission head on, this riveting and intelligent documentary from Richard Oshen exposes the archaic and unbending rules of power on the lives of ordinary homeowners.



California Coastal Commission documentary gets first review

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

SINS OF COMMISSION got its first review today. Getting a review from a film critic would normally be a proud moment shared with friends and loved ones. A time to crack open a bottle of champagne and celebrate. But for me, it is a joyless solitary moment filled with torment as I toss and turn to reconcile within why someone in the “comments” section would call me a “criminal” who is supposedly “on the lam from justice” for making a film.

What crime did I commit? What charges are against me? And who is my my accuser that hides in the shadows of anonymity? Come forward and be seen.

Let he who is without sin among you, cast the first stone…

SINS OF COMMISSION is a film I never wanted to make, never intended to make, but felt compelled to make.  Why did I do it? Beacuse, for me, and hopefully for you,  once a truth is known, it cannot be unknown. One person sent an e-mail today and simply said, “thank you.” 

My husband and I have been battling the CCC for 13 years…My husband had a heart attack in 1998 from all of the stress from dealing with them and their lies and craziness -

Kathleen Kenny died from colon cancer one year after I interviewed her. Other people,  people you may know or possibly neighbors you have have heard about, suffered the slings and arrows of persecution thrown at them with impunity by commissioners appointed by the highest officials in our state - simply because they audaciously wanted to live on land they purchased. This should not stand. We must do better.

Something is rotten in the state of California but by suppressing SINS OF COMMISSION, that dirty dark secret will not be brought out into the sunlight of truth for all of us to see, to debate, to comment upon, to ponder, to talk amongst ourselves, and do such things as we do in a democracy. We must do better.

If you are an independent documentary filmmaker in a country in which independent journalism is seen as a danger to those in power, you are talking a risk. But preserving democracy for all means risks must be taken. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

At stake is more than just freedom of expression.  We Americans live in a country built on the principle of separation of powers - where power is separated into three distinct branches of government that are supposed to check and balance each other so there can never be an accumulation of absolute power in any one branch. This is not a Conservative principle, this is not a Liberal principal, it is not a Democratic principle, it is not a Republican principle…it is an American principle- and we must do better.

Any agency of any state or regulatory commission that embraces all 3 branches of government, in direct opposition of our principle of the separation of powers - even for the “noblest of intentions” - needs to be reevaluated.  Unfettered power still corrupts - and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Sins of Commission exposes Southern California’s law makers

Ginger Liu
Inside Hollywood Examiner
California Bush Fire

By taking on the California Coastal Commission head on, this riveting and intelligent documentary from Richard Oshen exposes the archaic and unbending rules of power on the lives of ordinary homeowners

The story unfolds naturally as we first sympathize with the rule makers in preventing the destruction of habitat by homeowners until the CCC quite remarkably shoot themselves in the foot as dogmatic rules and corruption unfold. The film shows all sides with interviews from couples that have fought the CCC for years, ex CCC staff that believe in the Commission but not their strict laws, and the Commissioners themselves who are absolute and unwavering.  

No one is denying the purpose of a commission that protects Southern California’s rich landscape. Oshen’s film dares to question authority and in doing so ignites the kind of investigative journalism that has been sadly missing during Bush years.

A link to Ginger’s article and comment stream Inside Hollywood Examiner

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