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California Coastal Commission - A Gaseous, Solid Waste

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

The California Court of Appeals ruled that a 15-minute, Fourth-of-July fireworks display on private property in Gualala, California, is a “development” that may be regulated by the California Coastal Commission through its permitting process. The reason? A fireworks display emits “gaseous” and “solid” waste. (PLF)

With this decision, the Coastal Commission likely will tout there is no thing nor any limit to the human activities that it can regulate. Last year the coastal Ayatollahs went after night football. Maybe these kinds of capricious lawsuits is why the Department of Justice is over budget $30million?

What next?

Does the California Coastal Commission step in and regulate when, where, and how individual freedoms are exercised in the coastal zone?

It would not be surprising if the Commission began demanding permits from individuals who enter the coastal zone, on the theory that mere breathing, walking, or driving is “development” requiring its permitting oversight. (PLF)

Regulating every aspect of human existence is not what the California Legislature or the electorate had in mind when the Coastal Act was enacted in 1976.

This could very well be the death knell for small town fireworks in America. Once a precedent like this is on the books, other regulatory committees in other states can do the same thing by citing the California ruling.

Learn more bout a “gaseous” and “solid” waste.  Attend a California Coastal Commission meeting. Afterwords, you can also add “financial” waste to the list.

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