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Why California Burns - One possible explanation

Monday, December 1st, 2008

The existing regulations do not meet the current requirements of the City’s Fire Chief, particularly with respect to brush management.

-San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders

Strong environmental protection policy is essential for our survival here on Earth.  Whether people can or can’t trim or cut brush in order to save their lives, should not be a debate.

Fires are getting more expensive to fight due to rising costs of fighting bigger fires and drier conditions. (CNN)

Has anybody asked themselves, “What if fires were getting more intense because there was a greater supply of fuel than ever before?”  Firestorms have intensified over the last 15 years according to Urban Wild Land Fire guru and former Los Angeles County (LACoFD) chief Scott Franklin.  ”Its curious to note”, says former  chief Scott Franklin, “that the intensification of fire storms coincides with stronger environmental protection…” He is referring to the large continuous swaths of fuel beds to be specific.

What if a simple revisit to the way we protect and manage brush decreased the fuel source that drives the fires? Think it might save precious resources environmental, human, and financial?

A clear public safety hazard is present for existing structures adjacent to undeveloped areas of native and naturalized vegetation.

-San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders

What if it were possible to trim the protected brush in a way that decreases the head of the brush - the part that’s is similar to a match. I’m no rocket scientist but if you decrease the head of the match, the flame length is shorter, thus the Santa Ana winds wouldn’t be whipping up 50′ to 100′ flames….they’d be blowing over flames 10′ or less but the good news for everyone is that the chaparral rejuvenates and potential damage to lives and homes is decrease. 

Problem is there needs to be cooperation on all sides.

Why not start there?

Urban Wild Land Fires Ravished California Again

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Sylmar Fire

1 month after the Porter Ranch Fire, California was once again under siege from devastating fire storms.

As we take stock of the events that led up to these firestorms, we might want to evaluate how our land management agencies, conservancies, and other organizations charged with protecting our valuable natural resources are facing these mounting challenges. 


Deer Lost

Deer Lost

California will double its population.

The desire to live further away from cities and be in more rural areas has been thoroughly documented. 

As population and land preservation mix, SINS OF COMMISSION suggests this may also be an appropriate time to take a fresh look at how we are protecting these large unbroken swaths of Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHA) in these interface zones.

Building codes updates are important, but they’re half the equation.

Without a willingness to explore new possibilities of vegetation modification (brush clearance)  and apply it to these large wilderness areas,  a/k/a/ fuel beds in fire department lingo, we are continuing to put people’s lives, property, and the environment we all wish to preserve at risk from repeated burning. Not to mention the huge cost in men and machines to fight the fires.

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