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California Coastal Commission prepares to burn folks out of Malibu

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

This video does a lot to address the dangers of fire safety with regards to the SANTA MONICA MOUNTAINS CONSERVANCY’s push for overnight camping (with complicity of CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION) in an extremely dangerous part of Malibu the Los Angeles County Fire Department calls a CLASS 4 HAZARDOUS FIRE ZONE.

Just in time for fire season!

Sound like a good idea to you?

We didn’t think so …

BUT the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy thinks so, AND is going to do everything they can to convince California it is just a case of “those” pesky Malibu residents wanting to keep people out of Malibu instead of truthfully saying California families want to save their homes and save you, me, and the rest of California Billions of Dollars we don’t have fighting fires that we ought not be fighting.

We love marshmallow roasts- just not in Category 4 Fire Hazard zones.

So we think it’s a good idea to put you on notice:

If the California Coastal Commission and Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy allow overnight camping in Ramierez Canyon and there is a fire and lives and/or property is lost… we have one heck of a case for gross negligence.

Who else can we name?

Did you know the AG spent nearly $2 billion dollars of OUR MONEY defending the California Coastal Commission in litigation in 2008… Heck yeah, that’s a lot of Marshmallows.

That number is just an estimate.

SINS OF COMMISSION has been looking for the actual number. The California Coastal Commission’s website conveniently doesn’t show their litigation costs. It is buried somewhere deep somewhere else. It is not listed on the governor’s budget site either.


Because if the real numbers are known, people all over California would pissed off, and would want to roast more than marshmallows.

Video courtesy of Fire footage is from the Corral Fire in 2007.

California Coastal Commission to allow overnight camping in Extreme Fire Hazard Zones?

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Roasting Marshmallows

Roasting Marshmallows sure is fun!

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is proposing to install new overnight campgrounds in three of this area’s most delicate canyons: Ramirez, Escondido and Corral.

These three canyons are in areas classified by the state as “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones.”

(Source:, February 13, 2009)

Is anyone else alarmed or thinking, “Gee, this sounds like is a really, really bad idea?” Just so supporters of the CCC or the SMMC can roast marshmallows? Wow.

SINS OF COMMISSION provides exclusive information that delves into policies like this and discovered agencies like the California Coastal Commission actually perpetuate these wild fires because they refuse fuel modification in public land under their charge. Then when a really big, catastrophic fire blows through, they rock on their heels and whistle.

Wind's really kicking in... pass me another marshmallow!

This is not about Saving the Coast, Beach Access or people’s rights to hike on trails, the worthiness of trails or public vs. private property, Republicans v. Democrats, Liberals v. Conservatives, Left v. Right. etc.  It is about public safety - meaning all of us -plain and simple.

Are our collective memories short or what?

The Corral fire, the most destructive fire in the city of Malibu in nearly 15 years burned 4,700 acres consumed 49 homes and forced the evacuation of thousands of residents. About 1,750 firefighters, at least 45 fire engines, numerous hand crews, 23 water-dropping helicopters and two fixed-wing planes battled the blaze.

(Source LA Times November 27, 2007)

I sure hope someone, Governor Schwarzenegger, in charge of protecting public safety, Governor Schwarzenegger, is reading this blog in Sacramento, Governor Schwarzenegger, and people in Australia too.

Yes, of course, every lobbyist and politician loves eco-dollars and wants to be seen as a friend of the environment, but what will you say to a fire fighter’s widow… especially when a fire could have been prevented?

Last year’s Corral Canyon fire and the recent fire in Montecito destroyed hundreds of homes and threatened thousand of lives.  And, these fires had two things in common: They were caused by people who did not completely extinguish their fires; and the millions of dollars spent to fight the fires were paid for by the taxpayers.

(Source:, February 13, 2009)

The Malibu City Council decided that allowing camping and intensive public uses in high fire areas created too great a risk to visitors and neighbors.

That decision has been opposed by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Is it any surprise our tax base is disappearing? Hey, where is everyone going? Last one out of the state, please close the door.

Can folks in Australia roast marshmallows in the middle of their hazardous flammable brush zones? If you can, please you guys… don’t.

Feeling burnt?

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