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California Conservation Groups At It Again

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

In yet another example of “what good for me is what is good for the environment…”

What’s wrong with this picture?

Conservation groups last Wednesday unveiled a new version of their lobbying efforts for an oil company’s expansion of drilling off the coast of California in exchange for definite end dates to its local petroleum operations.

The project could inadvertently open up the entire California coastline to new drilling, ending a 40-year moratorium. (Associated Press)

I guess the wholesale sellout and degradation of California’s resources only makes sense if it is done by and for the benefit of environmental groups- whether on our waters or on our land. 

We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Funny, it is those same groups that say developers can’t build, homeowners can’t expand, and ranchers and farmers can’t do their thing - but - as long as they are the recipient of an oil company bribe, I mean donation - it’s OK to degrade the environment.  

Even the fact President Barack Obama opened many federal waters to drilling — except along the West Coast means nothing. The only thing that matters is they get their $100,000 C.O.D.

Assemblyman Pedro Nava, D-Santa Barbara, who is running for state attorney general, said the agreement is not in the best interest for the state.

Bottom line for me, in 2008 we were told that the deal was the deal of the century and it wasn’t, he said. “Why am I going to believe this one is any better than the last one?”  (Associated Press)

Bottom line - it all boils down to payoff, payoff, payoff.

Other environmental groups raised concerns that the end date may not be enforceable. Others worried that approving the project could inadvertently open up the entire California coastline to new drilling, ending a 40-year moratorium.   (Associated Press)

… backers said there are no title or other issues to prevent PXP from turning over 3,900 acres on shore to the Trust for Public Land. (Associated Press)

And we all know how land-addicted the California Coastal Commission and conservancies are. Although It it is sketchy how much the Environmental Defense Center is getting paid, in the previous contract, PXP agreed to pay the groups’ fees and out-of-pocket-costs, as well as $50,000 up front and another $50,000 upon approval.

In exchange, the environmental groups agreed to lobby in writing for the project and testify at public hearings before State Lands, Santa Barbara County and the California Coastal Commission.  (Associated Press)

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