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Attorney General Withdraws Subpoena for SINS OF COMMISSION

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I received the news yesterday. I was disappointed to learn the court granted the CCC their summary judgment. I am glad the state dropped its subphoena for SINS OF COMMISSION…but not relieved… if you know what I mean. To know the coastal commission can subphoena a work print and demand raw footage of an unreleased documentary film any time they want, in violation of the 1st amendment,and that too is OK with the courts in California invites very careful consideration by those who oversee such stuff.

I’m in the process of ramping up efforts to complete SINS OF COMMISSION and find the best way for the film can reach the people of California and United States.  Currently, distribution consists of well worn unfinished DVD copies being passed hand to hand underground by the people along the coast of California who know there is another side of the CCC story that isn’t being reported in the news or on TV - except by this film.

Sadly for all of us, the judge let the California Coastal Commission worm their way out of their day in court thanks to a scheme that guarantees no citizen of the state will ever have a fair trail against the state sanctioned thuggery of California Coastal Commission and other agencies like them.

California Courts seem to routinely make the wrong call on coastal commission cases when it appears the CCC is going to  lose, and I am not the first observer to arrive at this conclusion.

I refer to the California Sate Bar Journal Volume 54, No. 1 January/February 1979. In the article, “YOU CANT WIN THEM ALL - OR CAN YOU?”,  an interesting point was raised by the author then, that ought to be reexamined now.

Is it possible for any lawyer (let alone a single client) to be right 88% of the time?

-Michael M. Berger

Let that sink in for a second.  Is it possible…. for any  lawyer….(let alone a single client)….to be RIGHT 88% of the time?

The statistical implication is that trial lawyers are wrong almost all of the time.  How can that be?

That’s 9 times out of 10 times up at bat! That ought raise some eyebrows whether you are a baseball fan or not, and seriously put into play the “honesty” of the recent CCC win into some major league big doubt.

To further understand the screwball math,  one must understand coastal commission modus operandi. Simply put, the triple C can (and does) change-up, alter, amend, and/or create new rules at whim.  The other well know fact is that courts routinely bend the rules for government agencies.

For instance, in South Coast Regional Com v Gordon 18 Cal,3d 832 (1977) the author cite 2 new rules were established - that has startling ramifications. Mr. Berger continues,

Our judicial system is premised on the idea that lawyers-as officers of the court-deal forthrightly with the courts before whom, they practice and the parties whom they oppose…In order to preserve the integrity of litigation as a dispute settling mechanism.

-Michael M. Berger

Take a stand against the California Coastal Commission’s skulduggery.

Support SINS OF COMMISSION. I urgently need your help to finish the film and get it to the people. ALL donations are tax deductible and confidential when made through the film’s fiscal sponsor The INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY ASSOCIATION, a 501 c3 non profit foundation. Fastest, easiest way to help is to click the “DONATE NOW button” on the side of this page, and you will be whisked away to a secure PAY PAL page set up for us. Fill in the blanks, click “send” and bingo…you’ve helped!  You can also send a check to:

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