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Welcome to Neverland

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Wednesday, Governor Schwarzenegger announced California’s deficit has grown to $26.3 billion and there is only one thing do do. The governor proposed billions of additional cuts to education. It doesn’t make sense. Leave education alone. California needs smarter kids – not dumber ones.

The governor declared a fiscal emergency. That declaration triggered an automatic 45-day deadline for the state legislature to come up with a plan to cover the shortfall and balance the budget. If that fails, they’re banned from considering any other legislation until they come up with a solution.  Which, I guess is like saying to a kid, finish your homework or no more homework.

Clearly they need help. Only one thing to do.

We need an intervention.

If California can’t pay their bills, why not do the same thing to this reckless bunch of CEO’s we did to GM and AIG? Place California in receivership. Call in the note. foreclose, evict them, throw the bums out. Start from scratch. 150 years apiece - for all of them…put ‘em right next to Maddoff – no chushy white-collar criminal country clubs for this bunch for all the misery they have inflicted. Take their assets, too. That ought to produce results fast. How many more weeks of failed proposals and bickering can we stand for? Aren’t they embarrassed? Even a little ashamed?

A fiscal train wreck.

Thursday the state planned to pay its bills with IOU’s instead of cash. I tried that today at my local food store. It didn’t work. People giggled for a moment. Then got quiet. Dead quiet. The kind of quiet that silently speaks outrage. Yep…People are angry.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer calls it an “institutional breakdown.”

I call it just plain wrong. It’s like watching a rerun of a television show everyone knows.  We’ve seen the story a dozen times, know the plot by heart and what is going to happen at the end, and we still watch…hypnotized into thinking - some way, some how how, this time, things are going to be different.

The particular rerun we’re all watching over and over again is called: Corruption, Cronyism, Partisan Bickering, and placing personal self-interest above the needs of an ever increasingly growing desperate citizenry.

Tomorrow we commemorate our independence from that long-ago forgotten, except one one-day-a-year-on the 4th day of July, struggle against tyrannical abuse of power. This is a great topic for tomorrow’s barbecue… but after the barbecue… its time to get busy and deal with what is important.

I think what this song stands for is important…Very Important.

Deep in my heart, I know you do too.

I love Ray Charles.

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