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SINS OF COMMISSION featured on KNBC 6 O’clock News

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

SINS OF COMMISSION - KNBC Los Angeles 6 O’clock News

SINS OF COMMISSION, the documentary film expose of the California Coastal Commission broke into the mainstream news.

The documentary film expose of the secretive commission aired at the top of the hour in the number 2 television market in the US.

A subphoena for a work print of the film has been issued by the commission and Richard Oshen, the filmmaker plans to vigorously defend wht he calls ” a blatant attempt” by the commission to silence the film.

No matter what the commission says regarding their demand for the film… the commission’s history, revealed for the first time in SINS OF COMMISSION,  clearly shows how the California Coastal Commission obscures their real motives and objectives.

They simply want the film blocked, and will go to any length to accomplish their goal - eiven if it means violating the 1st amendment of the US Constitution to do it.

-Richard Oshen, filmmaker

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