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After 3 years of pouring my heart, soul, and every last penny of my resources in pursuit of the SINS OF COMMISSION story, I am smack up against a wall and out of funds. Major 2009 film festival deadlines are less than two weeks away.

Many people high up in the California food chain do not want to see the other side of the California Coastal Commission revealed.  Those who do not wish to see  SINS OF COMMISSION released have the might and power of the state of California behind them, are well connected, have massive PR machines in place, and can, and most probably will, do everything they can to suppress this story from ever seeing the light of day.

It’s David v. Goliath

When the courts prohibited filming a coastal commission inspection, I had a hunch something much bigger was being hidden. That story is right here, right now, but I urgently need your help to make sure SINS OF COMMISSION  is able to enter these festivals and reach as many people as possible.

SINS OF COMMISSION is a fiscally sponsored film through the International Documentary Association, a 501 c3 non profit organization. This means you can support SINS OF COMMISSION the movie,  freedom of speech, documentary film making, the International Documentary Association, and receive a tax deduction at the same time. 

Like many organizations, SINS OF COMMISION is engaged in a financial struggle. We welcome that struggle. Every donation we receive, large or small, every reader who forwards a blog, post, or video link to a friend, brings us closer to the people who are thirsty for the truth about the California Coastal Commission, the wildfires in California, and constitutional rights abuse.

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E-mail your State Senator and Assembly member! Let them know its time to reevaluate the California Coastal Commission .

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