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The Team

 RICHARD OSHEN, writer, director, producer

Richard Oshen

Richard Oshen

Richard is one of the legendary stage lighting design pioneers of the modern concert touring industry. He is best known for his concert lighting in Rob Reiner’s celebrated rockumentary spoof “This is Spinal Tap.”

He designed and directed the lighting for the world premiere of the WHO’s rock opera “Tommy” featuring an all star cast and the London Symphony Orchestra performed at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

Richard started life as a theatre design major at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts where he cultivated his passion for music, light and architecture that is the center of his visual style. Music lighting design credits include: Aerosmith, Boston, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The J. Geils Band, Ted Nugent, Sly and the Family Stone, The Stray Cats, Parliament Funkadelic, and many other artists.

He has served as director of photography on concert and comedy specials, television award shows, commercials, infomercials, and feature films. More lighting information about his lighting design can be found on his EYELIGHT website

Richard is passionate about human and animal rights. He co-founded the Bumper Foundation, a 501 c3 non profit animal rescue and is currently CEO of The Harold B. Rhodes Music Foundation .   

SINS OF COMMISSION is his directorial debut.


VINCENT STANCARONE, producer, editor

Vincent Stancarone

Vincent Stancarone is a director, producer, and editor of motion pictures and television.  Before SINS OF COMMISSION his most recent film, the 20th Century Fox feature “BECOMING JOHN FORD,” completed a festival run around the world including a highly successful premiere at the Venice Film Festival.  Upon its subsequent release on DVD, it was declared by Entertainment Weekly to be “DVD box set of the year.” 

He has done productions for 20TH CENTURY FOX, WARNER BROS, DISNEY, LION’S GATE among many others, with a number of these programs winning festival awards.  His extensive career in documentaries began with his first feature film in 1993, “FORGET YOUR NAME,” and continued through such acclaimed films as the multiple award winning “A TURNING OF THE EARTH” for Warner Bros., and “NORTHERN TROUBLES” which contained interviews from both sides: from a British Loyalist paramilitary to an IRA member.  

He owns an independent production and post-production company located in Hollywood, called 3 Degrees, Inc., along with his partner, Tony Nolley.  In addition to the features, television shows, and documentaries (some of which are listed on IMDB) Vincent has directed television pilots, music videos, and countless live music concert screen content for artists ranging from N’SYNC to MARILYN MANSON to PINK.  

As a freelance editor at FOX television network he has created commercials for many of their television shows including 24 and THE SIMPSONS. 


WAYNE GRABERT, writer, editor 

Wayne Grabert

Wayne Grabert

Wayne Grabert is a native of New Orleans and a graduate of the University of New Orleans. He moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to purse a career in the software industry as a programmer and designer. Ten years later he was ready for a life change. Wayne’s passion is film, and he wanted find a way to use his technical ability to express his creative side.

In 1999 he became proficient on the Avid Media Composer. He expanded his editing capabilities by also learning Final Cut Pro. Not long afterwards Wayne switched careers.

Wayne started as an assistant editor and moved up to editor, online editor and colorist quickly. He is proficient in all kinds of film editing from independent feature films to broadcast television, music video, short narrative film, short documentary, commercial, and corporate video.

SINS OF COMMISSION is his first feature documentary.

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