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The first screening

Making a documentary film was the furthest thing from my mind the day I drove over to Peg and Dan’s land. I thought I was just going to document an inspection, and hand over a video tape. Man, was I ever wrong.

3 years later, after hundreds of hours of interviews, pouring through boxes of documents, photos, and news clips, I managed to cobble all that stuff into a 90 minute film.

Sins of Commission.-First Screening

Sins of Commission-First Screening

The first screening of SINS OF COMMISSION took place on July 19, 2008 at Hollywood D-I,  a very cool post production facility on the former Warner Hollywood Studios lot.

We assembled a diverse bunch of people with a wide range of demographics. The age spread was 20 to 60, some industry, some non-industry. 

Most of my friends knew I was working on some kind of  ”documentary” film, but no one had any idea what SINS OF COMMISSION was about.

Some thought it had something to do with a screenplay I’m writing… boy were they in for a surprise.  

 After the screening, Neil Smith, managing director of Hollywood D-I, conducted a Q and A session based on a 5 page screening questionnaire we created.  Loaded with piles of notes, I went back to the drawing board. 

The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board

2 months later a second cut emerged that includes astonishing new firestorm footage including Big Sur, Stetson and Porter Ranch fires - thanks to Alan Simmons. We also filmed 2 intense interviews with California fire officials.

Another recommendation made in the screening notes was that I appear on camera. I wasn’t thrilled about that particular comment, at all, and tried like heck to avoid doing it. In the end I did it… but I won’t tell you how many takes it took.

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