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SINS OF COMMISSION sheds more light on California Coastal Commission

The California Coastal Commission vs. Its Critics

The “most formidable player” in California land regulation demands a documentarian’s raw footage

Thank you Brian Doherty and REASON MAGAZINE for clearly, and eloquently illuminating how the California Coastal Commission’s mission has morphed over 30 years into a land grab of immense proportions and far beyond what any reasonable person one would think of as the protection of California’s coast.

Hopefully readers now begin to see just how dangerous two new bills, AB 226 and AB 291, now being considered in the California state legislature are.  If they pass, the result will be like giving steroids to a bull in a china shop. That bull may only be in the coastal zone now but it can easily rampage up the street where you live and ransack your property in the blink of an eye- unless you take some mighty quick action.

Armed with the potent new powers prescribed in AB 226, a well documented power-abusive commission will have more even more broad, sweeping power to tax and fine.  In the case of AB 226, the California Coastal Commission will have the power to levy $5,000-$50,000 “administrative civil penalties” without having to get a court order .

It is unfortunate for the people of California that government views going to court to secure permission to levy a fine on people an inconvenience like a sand trap on a golf course.

This is a brazen broad-daylight attack on our rights… so why does the California legislature continue to endorse thuggery when it should be stopping it?  Where, then, have all the safeguards gone that protect our families, and friends?

California’s government failed to protect people’s property in the past, and won’t protect it now. Instead it will resort to dirty deeds perpetrated on helpless people by a state-sponsored, steroid-induced coastal Czar who has reigned unrestricted over people’s lives for 29 years,  who said on-camera he is not a civil servant, and thus not bound by the constitution nor term limits.

Call your representatives now. STOP AB 226 and AB 291 while they’re still in committee.

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