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Court Stops California Coastal Commission

David Breemer from Pacific Legal Foudation, one of the people I interviewed for the movieĀ SINS OF COMMISSION, was in the news recently. Here is an article I found on

In a major judicial defeat for the California Coastal Commission, the agency this week was stopped from its drive to tear down a safety and boundary fence on a Torrance couple’s private property. The California Second District Court of Appeal ruled that the Commission had no legal authority to order the dismantling of the fence, which prevented people from climbing unstable bluffs where hikers had died, and which demarcated the boundary between private and public property.

David said this about the ruling:
With this decision, an appellate court put the brakes on an outrageous power abuse by the California Coastal Commission,” said PLF Principal Attorney J. David Breemer. “The Commission was trying to force Torrance homeowners Martin and Janis Burke and their neighbors to tear down a safety and boundary fence on their property that kept hikers from climbing dangerous bluffs where two people have died. The fence has been in place for three decades and had been approved by state and local officials, including the State Lands Commission. As the court said today, the Coastal Commission had no business butting in.
See more of David in the movie trailer at

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