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California Coastal Commission - Pirates of California

Many good citizens up and down the coast of California would agree, these are treacherous times on the California Coast.  While the California Coastal Commission’s shills gloat that “justice” has been done in Corona del Mar… has it?  And if so, exactly what justice was it…and what is the cost to all the citizen of California? I would be amused my fair state spent decades and countless thousands of dollars and man-hours against a picnic table if it wasn’t so pathetic. Why doesn’t the governor or legislature have the balls to stand up to the California Coastal Commission?

The answer is, for the past 30 years, a revolution has been underway on the California coast orchestrated by a petty tyrant named Peter Douglas. This revolution as been largely unnoticed except for the poor unfortunates who have come up against this putsch in land use management. If the commission succeeds at what they do, then their actions become a template for other quasi judicial organizations like them in other states.

This revolution can be identified by the sophisticated land acquisition techniques that stir conflict between property rights and environmental resources - like improperly designating land ESHA when it isn’t. Placing an endangered species on an unsuspecting party’s land, and then “finding it” later. Declaring puddles, ruts and pot holes to be wetlands. Nasty stuff like that. Other techniques include trespassing, spying, bleeding families of all of their fiscal resources, tying them up in endless, costly litigation, and depriving them of full use of their land, like George and Sharlee McNamee, or in some cases driving them off their land altogether. Yeah, California Coastal Commission supporters, really something to be proud of.

The California Coastal Commission, state land trusts, in concert with the National Park Service, and their proponents break constitutional law, use fake science, skew data... and it’s all accepted by the California judiciary - because regulatory law presumes the commission is correct..

To implement resource protection plans, existing governmental agencies and nonprofit land trusts have experimented with emerging and often controversial nonregulatory approaches to land use problems. In California, this experimentation was accompanied by the creation of new governmental agencies, set up specifically for these purposes.

Joseph E. Petrillo, author “ Coastal Management” Volume 16, Issue 1 1988

Our government’s been bought out from under us.

Another issue that is integral to understanding the extraordinarily high win rate of the California Coastal Commission in courts is the issue of a fair, incorruptible judiciary. Our government is not broken; it’s been bought out from under us. No wonder people have lost faith.

In the movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” idealistic freshman US Sen. Jeff Smith (Jimmy Stewart) reminds us that it is the struggle that counts. “Lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for,” he says. Just before collapsing on the Senate Floor, he croaks, “you fight for the lost causes even harder than the others

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3 Responses to “California Coastal Commission - Pirates of California”

  1. Francis Drouillard Says:

    It wasn’t “just a picnic table” now, was it Mr. Oshen?


  2. Steve W Says:

    Thank you for helping publicize the outrageous actions of the “run amok” California Coastal Commission. American freedom is threatened by unelected agencies such as this that extend power and authority far beyond the purpose

  3. Scared American Says:

    That’s right, I can’t even use my real name for fear of reprisals from my own government. Just a reminder as to how crazy it really is. Imagine one state agency telling you to mow your weeds. So you do. Then another state agency tells you that will cost $400,000 and a couple years in jail. Only to have the first agency come back the next year and tell you to mow your weeds. So you don’t. This inspires the second state agency to sue first agency on your behalf without your approval (fear of reprisals now running very high) so that they can force you to mow your lawn. The end result: two very highly paid public employees spending days of their work year to go to court to see another highly paid public employee(the judge who tells them their acting like children) to discuss mowing my weeds (yeah, I still know how to do a hard days work) which I would gladly do without anybodies input. It’s F****d, Lets face it. Great website, all the power to you Richard.

    Sigh. that’s right Francis go troll a website where they buy your “bull”, there is plenty of them out there……

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